Today I’d like to talk about something that’s really near and dear to my heart. It’s important to talk about now, early in your internet career. That is, trying to get time back on your side with time management. This one facet of life on a keyboard can either save you tons of time or cause you to get derailed on your project. There are a few key reasons why time management is so important to your time on line. Tempo and topic are big reasons. Here is why.


Tempo – Don’t fall behind the beat

In my spare time, I play drums. So essentially, I keep the time for the whole band (with a few creative fills thrown in to keep from getting too bored). When you fall behind in music, the whole band loses sync. It’s not too long before the band stops playing in order to “get it together” and start again. Do that enough times and you lose momentum.

That’s so similar to your work on line. In many cases, one step leads to the next and then to the next. Find a niche, create a domain, build your site, content and so on. Sitting there at the keyboard ready to write some content can lead to checking your email, Facebook, stocks, you name it. Next thing you know, productivity you have captured and executed in lets’ say 30 minutes turns into hours of nothing. Trust me when I tell you, I’ve been an expert in wasting hours of precious time.

Topic – Stay focused

Staying on topic is just another way of saying “stay focused”. The reason we lose tempo and topic is probably because there is nobody looking over our shoulder making us stick to the project at hand. If you were at work and your boss said “The CEO needs a report on business in the next 30 minutes!” you’d probably get it done in 25 minutes.

This is the blessing and curse of being an entrepreneur. There are some of you out there who don’t have an issue with using your time. Consider yourself lucky that you can get in the zone and stay there as long as you need to get the job done. For the rest of us, we need to rely on reminders, tips, tools and a little bit of inspiration. Anyway, you need to give yourself time goals for everything you do online.

Starting a blog should take from a few days to a few weeks. If you get to the point where it’s taking a few months, you have probably lost focus. Our goal is to keep you on time and on track. Launch as quickly as you can. Why? Because if that’s not your goal, you can be reading this a year from now and be no closer than you are today.

Here are some tools for success

First thing is a good old fashion calendar or to-do list. Paper or digital would each work fine but something is necessary. There’s something about paper for most people that just feels right. Of course, electronic calendars like those in Microsoft Office, Google Calendar etc. work great and give you portability. What’s the right tempo for your project? If I can offer up a framework I would say,

Niche 1-2 days
Name/Domain 1-2 days
Hosting 1-2 days
Site work 1-2 weeks
Starter content 1-2 weeks


Sure it’s a pretty lose framework but the point is to commit it to paper (or digital). You can be up and on-line in mere days or a few weeks. Other tools to keep you on track while you work on-line:

www.focusboosterapp.comFocus Booster – This is a great software app for your PC or Mac. It works as a timer for your desktop or up in the cloud to use between multiple computers. It works on the “Pomodoro Principle” which is a structured way to work in small, focused bursts. Try it for free.


www.rescuetime.comRescue Time – Want to know how all of your time is spent on-line? Rescue Time works in the background and watches everything you do on your computer. The idea is that the more you see your daily habits, the more likely you’ll improve on the areas you need to in order to be more productive. There is a “Lite” and “Professional” version. Lite is free to use. Upgrade to Professional for even more productivity.

 Mastering time management could be the key to a fast, focused start to your on-line world. What challenges do you have with time management? Let me know, I’d love to discuss.

Be amazing today!


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