Grit by Angela Duckworth
Grit by Angela Duckworth

“You can grow your grit ‘from the inside out’: You can cultivate your interests. You can develop a habit of daily challenge-exceeding-skill practice. You can connect your work to a purpose beyond yourself. And you can learn to hope when all seems lost. You can also grow your grit ‘from the outside in.’ Parents, coaches, teachers, bosses, mentors, friends — developing your personal grit depends critically on other people.”

If you are marketing a business on the internet, “Grit” is a MUST-READ book and a fascinating concept. At first, I thought that everything in this book would be common sense stuff. Work hard at something and succeed. Big deal. So naturally I really was sort of skeptical on how all this worked at first. But what surprised me the most was how interesting the stories were around her research and how important effort and perseverance is to being successful. Sure, at the surface this is such a basic concept, but, if being successful doesn’t come easy to you, read the book. If you want to understand the science behind Grit, read the book. If you want to attain your goals and maintain your goals, read this book.

The stories Angela describes show how she created the research around understanding what makes people successful. Is it all by chance? Do we sometimes just fall into success? What role does luck play into all this?

That’s where the book GRIT comes in. Duckworth calls perseverance and effort, grit. A gritty person is just simply someone that puts in a ton of effort, never gives up, and tries their best. In the end, her findings are that so-called natural talent can be helpful, but ultimately, of course, effort matters more.

How can this book benefit you like it did me? It shows you how you can cultivate grit and develop a better business and learning approach. Duckworth stresses that in order to really get good at anything, you need to enjoy it. In online business, you are going to fall and run into brick walls. So, you need to understand how to get back up and keep going. Don’t lose momentum.

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