Hi everyone! I’ve got a quick yet important topic for you whether you are just starting out or well on your way with your marketing strategy. Trust me this will save you from potential snickers from your business friends who ask, “You paid HOW MUCH for that domain name?” If you are looking for the cheapest domain registration, than this post is for you!


So my topic is domain name pricing. It’s always good to save money, especially when you are just getting started. Even more so if your online strategy involves owning a portfolio of Internet properties. While domain name prices are fairly low nowadays, you still want to keep every expense in check.

Get The Cheapest Domain Registration

You can go from company to company like GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc to find the cheapest domain registration, but what you’ll quickly find is that domain name prices vary. In some cases, pretty wildly. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just find the lowest price and make your purchase?

Well, you’re in luck. Give www.domcomp.com a try. They are an aggregator of prices for over 700 top-level domains from over 10 Registrars. What does that mean? It just means they do the searching and find the best prices. They will show you who has the lowest price for a specific extension. Here’s an example of what their data can show you.

A little while ago, when the .click extension became available, I purchased a domain name that thought would work well somewhere down the road. At the time, I purchased the name through GoDaddy and paid $9.99. But after checking DomComp name price comparison tool, I learned my lesson quick.

I ended up paying twice what I should have. 1&1.com (another domain name registrar) was charging $4.99 at the exact same time. Remember that this can add up quickly if your marketing strategy involves owning a portfolio of domain names.

There are a few other nice features as well. First is a review and rating system of Domain Registrar companies directly by users. So if you wanted to see some NameCheap reviews or GoDaddy reviews, you can read about them there. They also have their own blog which talks about what is going on in the world of Domain Registrars and other tidbits to help you secure the cheapest domain registration. Are you curious to know if there are any one word domains yet available on the Internet? Well you can find out on their blog.

The comparison engine looks at well know names in the Domain Registrar world such as GoDaddy, 1&1, United Domains, dotster, NameCheap, Name.com, NameSilo, Dynadot, Uniregistry, Gandi.net, Hover, Domain.com and iWMN (IWantMyName.com). Another great feature of this service is that it will also compare renewal rates and transfer fees. So I would definitely say to keep this one in your virtual toolbox for future use.

Keep in mind that we’re just talking about finding the cheapest domain registration at this point. You’ll find that many if not all of these companies also offer hosting for your website. Just remember that you never want to do your hosting at the same place you get your domains from.

While there are many reason why not to consider this practice, I’ll just state this one as probably the best reason. If for any reason, your domain/hosting company goes out of business, your business will be without power (so to speak) for potentially weeks until you get it all straightened out. But, if you only lost your hosting, it’s would be much simpler (yet still a headache) to re-point your domain to a new host. Bam! Back in business with minimal downtime. We’ll cover hosting in a different article.

So head on over to www.domcomp.com and check them out to find the cheapest domain registration. Then be sure to get your domain name. Claim your piece of internet real estate. This is a foundational step towards launching your site.

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